I am a teenage boy in the Berkshire County of Massachusetts. I love the weather and have loved the weather from a young age. The weather truly sparked my interest when one night a bolt of lightning hit a tree in my backyard. The tree lit on fire. From this point I was very interested to know more.

I am going to be a meteorologist when I grow up into adulthood and get a career. A teacher of mine asked why am I going to be a meteorologist. I thought and thought. Finally the answer came to me. I want to be a meteorologist to educate people and warn people about the weather. I want to help the community know about the weather and stay safe.

Now I am a SKYWARN Spotter for the National Weather Service as well as a member of the CWOP, and WRN Ambassador Program. I have gotten many professional certificates in all kinds of weather, even one from an online Harvard course. I also have my own Ambient Weather weather station. I am so excited to be on my way in this world. I am now the weather warlock, knowledgeable in many different forms of the meteorological world.

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