Winter Storm Gail: 2020

I remember it like it was yesterday. The storm was a monster. The lights would blink very quickly as if a power outage may arise. You could sense the oncoming storm in your head.

It was cold. The arctic high that brought in the cold was a key player in making the atmosphere ripe for snow. The liquid to snow ratios were 1 inch of liquid to 15 inches of snow. I got a little less than 2 feet.

On the days of December 16-17 in 2020 the storm came. This storm as the Weather Channel called “Gail”. Gail produced over 2 feet of snow in spots of our area.

Now let’s zoom out a little, as we go into just the state of New York. Even though this storm in some spots in NY didn’t even see a full inch, in other spots in NY they saw more than 3 full feet. This storm may not have touched some places, but it may have caused scars in others.

Snowfall rates of up to 6 inches per hour occurred, that is half a foot in only 60 minutes, or 1 inch every 10 minutes. Gail was one heck of a storm. But the one thing I will never forget is the amount of shoveling I had to do when the storm was done…

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