Welcome: Good morning. Today, tomorrow and Wednesday will all be shorter forecasts. This is because this morning is quite busy, as well as Tuesday and Wednesday being the MCAS test, which is the state test. This week will be more clouds than sun, but some sun might shine…Alert: None.Monday: Partly cloudy.COMFORT INDEX: Comfortable.TEMPERATURE: Highs inContinue reading “Monday/June/5/2023”


Welcome: Good morning. Happy June everyone. The school year is almost over, I am quite excited. The heat will be ramped up today, it will even be possible that today will be warmer than tomorrow…Alert: None.Thursday: Sunny.COMFORT INDEX: Comfortable.TEMPERATURE: Highs in the upper 80s. Lows in the upper 50s.DROUGHT INDEX: No current drought.DAY WIND: 5Continue reading “Thursday/June/1/2023”


Welcome: Good morning. Hot is the word of the week. Tomorrow and Friday will be quite extreme. Most people should reach the 90s, so if you feel hot, drink water. Also, the haze should be stronger today, we actually had an Air Quality Alert last night… Alert: None.Wednesday: Hazy and sunny.COMFORT INDEX: Comfortable.TEMPERATURE: Highs inContinue reading “Wednesday/May/31/2023”