Welcome: Good morning. We have a severe thunderstorm risk today, a possible area of tropical development that may affect us, and another risk of severe weather on Wednesday. But it is to far out to get into Wednesday just yet.

Timing: Today in the afternoon, and early evening.

Amount Of Thunderstorms: Isolated to scattered severe and non-severe thunderstorms today.

Tornados: An isolated tornado may be possible in the southwestern most parts of Berkshire County.

Hail: Small hail will be scattered. Severe hail of 1 inch in diameter or greater will be isolated.

Wind: Isolated to scattered severe wind gusts of 58 mph or greater. Gusty winds of under severe criteria may also be possible in any thunderstorm.

Flooding: Isolated flash flooding possible.

Tropical Info: An area of of low pressure will form near the Bahamas. It will then move northwest. The key questions is a cold front will be moving in and how far south this cold front will go before moving away. If it does not bring the area of low pressure with it out to sea, we may have to watch the area to see if it develops into a tropical system. I give it a medium chance to develop.

Anything Else: Have an amazing day.

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