Welcome: Good morning, today will be a special report on tonight’s cold front which could bring some flooding and severe weather. After the cold front passes it will release much cooler and drier air into the Berkshires.

Timing: This afternoon through tonight.

Amount Of Storms: Isolated to scattered severe thunderstorms.

Tornados: An isolated tornado here or there is possible but will not be likely.

Hail: Severe hail of 1 inch in diameter or more is not expected, but small hail may be possible.

Wind: Scattered severe wind gusts of 58 mph or more are possible. There will also be some lighter wind gusts after the storms, but that wind will not be as dangerous.

Flooding: The rain will be brief but very heavy. Some isolated flooding can not be ruled out.

Lightning: Isolated to scattered lightning.

Anything Else: Be careful and stay safe, I may post later depending how it all pans out, have a great day.

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