Welcome: Good morning. We have a potluck of weather today. We have a low pressure area along a cold front and because the freezing level is so low there is a lot going on, so be prepared because it is going to be a wild ride, literally…

Timing: Today through tonight.

Storm Setup: We will have snow, hail, rain, wind, and even an isolated tornado possible. We have a marginal risk risk of severe weather. Rain will likely transition to heavy wet snow especially if you live in higher terrain.

Tornados: An isolated tornado is possible.

Hail: Isolated to scattered hail and severe hail is possible.

Wind: If you live above 1000 feet in elevation you may see wind gusts of 50 mph. Furthermore severe wind gusts from storms directly are also possible.

Flooding: There will be a brief time of heavy rain so an isoated flood can not be ruled out. Rain amounts will likely be up to half an inch.

Lightning: Some thunder and lightning will be possible.

Snow: Up to an inch of snow will be possible. But more likely than not it will be just a coating. Thundersnow and wet snow will be the main types of snow.

Anything Else: A few trees may fall, some branches may break and I can not rule out isolated power outages. Roads may also be slippery. Again there is a lot of uncertainty due to the low freezing level so I can not guarantee anything. Stay safe and have a great day.

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