Welcome: Good morning. Today will be a briefing like post to give you the most important information about the storm tomorrow.

Alert: Winter Weather Advisory for Northern and Southern Berkshire County is in effect from Saturday 7:00 AM to Sunday 6:00 AM. I see it possible that if the warmer air is not expected to reach Pittsfield or farther north, that Pittsfield and north could see a Winter Storm Warning. However it is only a possibility.

Timing: The storm should start as snow for everyone some point Saturday morning, then a transition in the afternoon and evening will change some to either freezing rain, sleet, rain or even all of them. Finally the storm will be east of us and some more snow may come as it gradually departs.

Snow: Snow could fall steadily at times. A general 2 to 4 inches looks possible though some 6 inch amounts may fall on the Vermont and Massachusetts border, as well as some 1 inch amounts falling on the Connecticut and Massachusetts border. The higher the elevation the more snow, just to remind you.

Sleet: There will be some sleet possible where warm air mixes in during the afternoon and evening hours.

Freezing Rain: There will be some freezing rain possible where warm air mixes in especially in the afternoon and evening. Generally up to a tenth of an inch of ice is expected.

Wind: 5 to 10 mph.

Blowing Snow: Not expected.

Hazards Summary: Roads will be slippery. An isolated power outage is also possible. Please be cautious on roads, sidewalks, and driveways.

Anything Else: I hope you are all safe. Please comment on what you see, thank you. Have a great day.

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