Welcome: Good morning. Today will be a briefing-type post. Our stalled cold front could have more of an impact than I expected. The key question is who gets snow, who gets sleet, and who gets freezing rain? These are the very important questions…

Alert: A Winter Storm Watch is in effect for all of Berkshire County from 4:00 PM tomorrow to 5:00 PM Friday.

Set-Up: Our cold front will stop or become very slow. Arctic cold dry air will be ushered in behind while warm moist air in front. We may actually be under the cold front. So we will have a battle of warm vs cold. When this happens heavy precpitation can occur.

Timing: Thursday night will have some rain in the evening followed by a wintry mix late at night. This wintry mix will transition to heavy snow and/or sleet Friday morning. It will still snow and sleet through out Friday until the evening. This is when it will gradually depart from the Berkshires.

Snow: Widespread heavy snow is expected. Generally, 4 to 8 inches is expected. Though some 12-inch spots in the northwestern-most part of Berkshire County. Also some 3-inch spots in the southeastern-most part of Berkshire County.

Sleet: Widespread heavy sleet is expected. Sleet amounts are part of snow amounts.

Freezing Rain: Scattered to Widespread freezing rain is expected. A light glaze to a quarter of an inch of ice is expected.

Peak Wind: 5 to 10 mph, with gusts to 25 mph, coming from the north.

Blowing Snow: Isolated blowing snow is possible.

Hazards Summary: It will be dangerous to travel. Very slippery conditions are expected. Poor visibility is also expected due to heavy snow and sleet.

Snow Day Calculator: I give a 75% chance of a snow day on Friday.

Anything Else: I hope you all stay safe. Please comment and like, thank you. Have an amazing day. I hope all goes your way. So let today be your very best day.

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