Welcome: Good morning. Today will be a briefing-type post. Our storm late tonight and through tomorrow poses some questions like how cold will it be, how far east will the storm go, and how much moisture will be in the atmosphere? As always these are good questions, now here’s the show…

Alert: A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for Northern Berkshire County (Pittsfield and northward.) This is from 4:00 AM tomorrow (Saturday) to 1:00 AM the day after (Sunday.) A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for Southern Berkshire County (Lenox and southward.) This is from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM tomorrow (Saturday.)

Timing: Depending on where you live and elevaton snow or rain should start late tonight. Some may stay all snow the whole event. Though more likely most of us may start as snow. Next change to rain and/or snow. Finally we should all end as snow. This will all happen depending on varying conditions probably sometime very late tonight it will start, while it will end very late tomorrow night.

Snow: Generally between 2 and 5 inches for South County, though amounts may be higher or lower. While I am generally expecting 5 to 8 inches for North County, though amounts may be higher or lower.

Sleet: Not expected.

Freezing Rain: Not expected.

Peak Wind: 15 to 25 mph, with gusts to 45 mph, coming from the Northwest.

Blowing/Drifting Snow: Scattered to widespread blowing and drifting snow is expected.

Snow Day Calculator: Not available.

Hazards Summary: It will be very dangerous to travel. Please bring emergency supplies if you are traveling during the storm. Also snow will be heavy and wet at first so be careful with your back if you shovel. Finally snowfall rates may reach 2 inches per hour in some spots, this heavy snow and wind may cause power outages and/or tree damage.

Anything Else: I hope you all stay safe. Please comment and like, thank you. Have an amazing day. I hope all goes your way. So let today be your very best day. Cheers everyone!

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