Welcome: Good morning. Today will be a briefing type post, because we have a severe weather threat the supriesed me out of no where. 

Finally, Friday has arrived. Friday is always amazing. It starts off slow for me, but as the day goes on, it speeds up. All the days of the week are so interesting. As well as, how we interpret the world around us…

Timing: This afternoon through this evening.

Amount Of Storms: Scattered normal thunderstorms are expected. Isolated severe thunderstorms are possible.

Tornados: Not expected.

Hail: Widely scattered small hail is possible. Isolated severe hail of 1-inch in diameter or greater is also possible.

Wind: Widely scattered non-severe wind gusts are possible. Isolated severe wind gusts of 58 mph or greater are also possible.

Flooding: Heavy rain will occur. Isolated flash floods may also occur.

Hazards Summary: Severe wind and hail can damage houses, cars, and your life. Please be cautious.

Anything Else: Be careful and stay safe. I hope you all have a wonderful day. So let today go your way and may you all cherish and enjoy the moments you have everyday. Cheers everyone!

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