Welcome: Good morning. Our end of week storm is looking more likely. The tricky part to forecast is what type of precipitation. Right now it could be anything from snow, rain, or even ice. I am thinking somewhat of a mix of them… 

Alert: A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect, from 10:00 AM today going until 7:00 AM tomorrow, for only Berkshire County.

Sunday: Cloudy.


TEMPERATURE: Highs in the upper 20s to lower 30s. Lows in the mid to upper 20s.

DROUGHT INDEX: No drought, but one could be starting.

DAY WIND: 5 to 10 mph. Coming from the East.

DUSK WIND: 5 to 10 mph. Coming from the East Northeast.

PRECIPITATION: Widespread snow during the afternoon and at night. Total snow accumulations of 1-5 inches looks likely for most.


HAZARDS SUMMARY: Snow covered roads may be slippery. Snow may fall moderately at times during the mid afternoon. I suggest using main roads today if driving.

DUSK: Waning Gibbous Moon with cloudy skies at night.

In About a Week Forecast: Read Below.

TEMPERATURE: Normal for this time around.

PRECIPITATION: Normal for this time around.

The Sun: Today it rose at 7:13 AM and will set at 4:21 PM.

Anything to Mention: Have an amazing day, I hope all goes your way, so let today be your very best day, and please don’t forget to comment and like, thank you. Cheers everyone!

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