Welcome: Good morning. Due to technical difficulties today will be a short post. Two birds are still here in the library. We now believe they are leaving at night and flying back in very early in the morning. Also the female might be trying to nest in here. Tomorrow will be the last bird update, as then my spring vacation begins… 

Alert: None.

Thursday: Sunny.

COMFORT INDEX: Comfortable.

TEMPERATURE: Highs in the lower 80s. Lows in the mid 50s.

DROUGHT INDEX: No drought.

DAY WIND: 5 to 15 mph. Coming from the West.

DUSK WIND: 5 to 10 mph. Coming from the West Southwest.



HAZARDS SUMMARY: Air will not be perfect today.

DUSK: Last Quarter Moon with mostly clear skies at night.

In About a Week Forecast: Read Below.

TEMPERATURE: Normal for this time around, feels like mid summer.

PRECIPITATION: Normal for this time around, some precipitation is possible.

The Sun: Today it rose at 6:16 AM and will set at 7:32 PM.

Anything to Mention: Have an amazing day, I hope all goes your way, so let today be your very best day, and please don’t forget to comment and like, thank you. Cheers everyone!

2 thoughts on “Thursday/April/13/2023

  1. Wednesday April 12, record high temps in Great Barrington.
    79/53 high and low readings both record highs. I send a GB weather summaary at the end lof every month. May I incloude you?

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