Tuesday August 3rd

Forecast: Today will be partly to mostly sunny. Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy to partly sunny. Finally the day after tomorrow seems to favor more sun with a partly sunny forecast. 

Air quality forecast: Today you can breathe easy as well as tomorrow. No major 

Tropical: we will have to watch a small area of low pressure located near the Cabo Verde Islands, off of Africa. I would give it a little to no chance of organization however the tropics are always changing.

Rain: some showers possible on Saturday. The farther north you are in Berkshire County the greater the chance.

UV and light index: This week when sunny, some times of strong sunlight may bring sunburn or irritation if not protected. Time to burn will be about 2 hours if in direct sunlight with no protection.

Wind: light and variable to 5 mph.

Hazards: No large hazards expected.

Notable amounts: No notable amounts of precipitation.

Far forecast: this week will be partly sunny to cloudy to rainy. Next week is hot and dry. The week after next seems to have warm and humid conditions.

Heat Index today: great, little humidity and some heat.

Anything to mention: the winter forecast seems to have a large amount of snow in the Berkshires. Have a great day!

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