Wednesday August 4th

Forecast: Today will be mostly cloudy throughout the county, with some areas of sun. Tomorrow will be partly sunny. Finally the day after tomorrow seems to be very sunny. 

Air quality forecast: Today and tomorrow will have very good air quality. You can spend time outside without worrying.

Tropical: We have three areas to watch.

1. The first is a low pressure system passing over the Cabo Verde Islands off of Africa. That one I would give no chance at development due to wind shear and cool waters. However the Cabo Verde Islands could have gusty winds and heavy rain.

2. The next one is a tropical wave that will some point move near the Caribbean and Lesser Antilles. Once it reaches the Lesser Antilles some slow development will be possible. I give it a small chance of development.

3. Finally another tropical wave will move off of Africa and could eventually have some slow organization. I give this one a small chance of development. Remember August is a busy month for tropical activity, so be prepared.

Rain: Sunday has about a 50% chance to have thunderstorms and showers throughout the county.

UV and light index: This week will have one or two sunny days, some times of excessive sunlight may bring sunburn or irritation if not protected. Time to burn will be about 2 hours if in direct sunlight with no protection.

Wind: Light and variable to 5 mph.

Hazards: No large hazards expected.

Notable amounts: No notable amounts of precipitation.

Far forecast: This week will be cloudy to sunny to a few showers and thunderstorms. Next week will be hot and turning humid. The week after next seems to have warm and very humid conditions.

Heat Index Today: great, little humidity and some heat. Though on Friday we will need to watch if enough heat combines with enough humidity.

Anything to mention: The winter forecast seems to have a large amount of snow in the Berkshires. Have an amazing day!

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