Thursday August 5th

Forecast: Today will be mostly cloudy throughout the county. Tomorrow will be very sunny and hot. Finally the day after tomorrow seems to be partly sunny and very humid. 

Air quality forecast: Today and tomorrow will have amazing air. Go outside and have some fun.

Tropical: We have two areas to watch.

1. The first area is a tropical wave producing thunderstorms and showers off the coast of Africa. The environment seems to be somewhat conducive for development into a tropical depression or storm. I give it a medium chance of development.

2. The next area is another tropical wave producing a few showers and thunderstorms. It is southeast of the Lesser Antilles. It could slowly develop into a tropical depression. I give it a small chance of development.

Rain: Today we may see some light sprinkles around the county, however there seems to be more of a chance or rain Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and possibly Wednesday. It is about a 50% we will get any rain those days and about 15% chance for today. If it does rain Monday through Wednesday it will be scattered showers and thunderstorms at most. No heavy rainstorms in sight.

UV and light index: We will have to watch tomorrow and Saturday because they seem to favor the most sun. Tomorrow I would give about 1 hour and a half to burn if not protected and if you are in direct sunlight. Saturday would be 2 hours to burn if not protected and in direct sunlight.

Wind: Light and variable to 5 mph, except today winds may go to 10 mph.

Hazards: No large hazards expected.

Notable amounts: No notable amounts of precipitation.

Far forecast: This week will be cloudy to sunny to a few showers and thunderstorms. Next week will be warm, humid and a little rainy. The week after next seems to have warm and humid conditions.

Heat Index: Ok conditions, some humidity and some heat. Though tomorrow it should be more humid and hot with little wind. If you feel light headed or dizzy tomorrow go to a cooler place and drink water.

Anything to mention: Have a fantastic day!

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