Friday/August/20/2021/5:00 PM Update

This update will concern Tropical Storm Henri.

Henri is near hurricane strength with max sustained winds of 70 mph. Now I do not wish to scare anyone but there will be a band of very heavy rain. The rain amounts seem to be a widespread 4 to 6 inches through all of Berkshire County. This will start Sunday morning and last to Monday afternoon of evening. However the heaviest rain should come Sunday evening and night. There is a small swath in the central to south eastern portions of the Berkshire’s, which holds 6 to 10 inches of rain. Be prepared for flooding and plan evacuation routes if needed.

Tornados will not be a threat. The wind threat is uncertain. Anywhere from below tropical storm force to nearing hurricane force winds. If this storm gets a little faster and moves west either over the Berkshire’s or west of the Berkshire’s we could be dealing with a big storm. It all depends on the track and strength of Henri. But it is always better to be safe than sorry.

I may post again later tonight if anything changes. It is ironic that 10 years ago on August 29th Hurricane Irene hit Berkshire County and Southern Vermont very bad with flooding rains. It may happen again this year. Be safe. Have a good night.

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