Welcome: Good morning, today will be a special report on Tropical Storm Henri.

Alert Report: We have tropical storm warnings up for Northern Connecticut. In the weather forecast discussion that the National Weather Service has for our area they mentioned that tropical storm warnings may be needed for Berkshire County. Also Berkshire County has a flood watch right now.

Track: Now the track of the storm is important. It may go from slightly east of Berkshire County to slightly west of Berkshire County. If we are on the east side the wind, rain, and tornado threat increases a lot.

Strength: We are not likely to see a hurricane here. You may experience hurricane gust only if you are in the southernmost parts of Berkshire County. The storm will be weakening rapidly so we will likely see either a tropical depression, tropical storm or on the high end a strong tropical storm. Right now most likely will be a tropical storm.

Timing: Sunday and Monday. But the worst will be Sunday night.

Wind: We have a threat of wind. The farther south you live in the Berkshires means the greater the chance of having dangerous winds. The National Hurricane Center has winds of 58 to 73 mph possible. If the storm can hold itself together that will be likely. So expect scattered to widespread power outages. Expect scattered trees falling.

Rain: The threat has decreased here slightly however there will be enough rain to cause power outages and trees fall. Plan evacuation routes just in case. The amounts will be a widespread 2 to 6 inches. I am sure a few spots will pick up over 6 inches. Rain rates will be 1 to 2 inches per hour, combined with wind that is a lot of damage.

Storm Surge: Some large rivers will likely over flow their banks.

Tornado: With all tropical systems if you are on their east side some spin ups may occur. They look to be isolated at this time.

Anything Else: Stay safe, prepare and have a good day.

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