Welcome: Good morning, today will be a special report on Tropical Storm Henri.

Alerts: We have flood watches up until 8:00 pm Monday. We have a tropical cyclone statement describing what is coming. I still see it possible that the National Weather Service issues a tropical storm watch or warning for us.

Track: The track has moved east. We must monitor because the more it moves west before landfall the more wind we will see here. Right now it is predicted that we will be on the west side of the storm and get more rain than wind.

Strength: The strength of it when it hits us would likely be tropical storm or tropical depression.

Timing: Sunday and Monday, 3 very heavy rain bands. One this afternoon, one tonight and another tomorrow.

Wind: The wind threat has decreased. The National Hurricane Center puts us in a 39 mph to 57 mph that is possible. If the storm has a westward track and makes landfall in Long Island we will see greater winds compared to it making landfall in Rhode Island. It also depends on what speed it is going at. The faster the storm the more it can hold itself together.

Rain: This is the primary threat. The amount of rain we our predicted to get is so great that a simple wind gust may make tree fall. There is a widespread 2 to 6 inches but a scattered 6 to 10 inches and an isolated 10+ inches possible. Roads will flood, make evacuation routes as a precaution. If you live in an easily flooded area move to high ground.

Storm Surge: No sea storm surge but rivers may overflow.

Tornado: Little to no threat.

Anything Else: Power outages are likely and may even be long term, be prepared. Stay safe and have a good day.

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