Today will be a special report on Hurricane Ida.

At the moment Ida poses no threat to us however this post is meant to inform us here in the Berkshires but especially anyone who has family or friends in Louisiana.

Ida is now a hurricane. In the latest guidance from the Hurricane Center, Ida seems likely to become a Category 4 hurricane slightly before making landfall.

Wind: Winds of over 110 mph are expected in the southern central and eastern parts of Louisiana. This will bring catastrophic damage. Power outages are likely.

Rain: Amounts of 15 to 20 inches in the south eastern parts of Louisiana. Flooding is expected.

Storm Surge: Up to 15 feet of surge possible in the southernmost central parts of Louisiana. Evacuations are likely and water may be up to the roof for some houses.

Tornado: Some tornados possible in eastern Louisiana.

Summary: This storm will be catastrophic for portions of Louisiana. This may effect the American economy. Impacts begin Sunday afternoon. I hope all stay safe if you live or know anyone in Louisiana. Have a good night.

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