Welcome: Today will be a special report on Hurricane Ida. Hi everyone today is a very special day… It is my birthday, hip hip hooray. If you would ever like to donate or buy yourself a Berkshire Weather t-shirt today would be an amazing day as it would be a birthday gift from you to me. Thank you.

Impacts To Us: Ida poses little threat to us other than some rain and gusty winds on Wednesday and Thursday.

Timing: Ida will start impacting Louisiana tomorrow.

Wind: Winds of over 110 mph are expected in the southeastern parts of Louisiana.

Rain: Extreme flooding is expected with isolated amounts of over 20 inches expected in southeastern Louisiana.

Storm Surge: Life threatening and historic surge expected, with storm surge well over 9 feet in southeastern Louisiana.

Tornado: Isolated to scattered tornados expected on the eastern side of the storm.

Summary: This storm has the potential to reach Category 5 hurricane strength which is the strongest a hurricane can get. Catastrophic damage is likely. Areas may be uninhabitable for months. Please evacuate if you are on the southeastern coast of Louisiana. Emergency responders may not be available until 3 days after the storm. Stay safe and have a good night.

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