Welcome: Good morning. We have a severe thunderstorm risk today. We will also have to watch two areas of the tropics. Let’s get into it…

Timing: Afternoon through early part of the night.

Amount Of Thunderstorms: Isolated to scattered severe thunderstorms.

Tornados: Isolated tornados. Higher chance as you go north.

Hail: Isolated severe hail of 1 inch in diameter or larger.

Wind: Scattered severe wind gusts of 58 mph or greater.

Flooding: Scattered flash flooding.

Tropical Info: We will be watching a broad area of low pressure in the Bahamas that will travel very close the the East Coast and may develop. We will also watch an area of low pressure near the Cabo Verde Islands that could eventually near the US.

Anything Else: Have an amazing day and stay safe. This event has the potential to have an outbreak of severe weather, so keep your senses sharp.

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