Welcome: Good morning, this update is for the rainstorm that will affect us. I love a rainstorm. I get my umbrella and my jacket and run around in the rain. However this could cause flooding because later this week another storm may target us in its crosshairs…

Timing: Now through Wednesday morning. Showers and drizzle will fall now, next turning to a heavier rain later today, this will continue through Tuesday night where it will slowly come to an end.

Precipitation Amounts: A widespread 1 to 4 inches of rain is expected, with some higher amounts possible in the higher terrain.

Wind: Sustained winds may reach 20 mph, with gusts going up to 40 mph, the winds will be stronger in the mountains than in the valleys, so higher elevation means more wind risk.

Hazards: Some river flooding, land flooding and widely scattered flash flooding will be possible. Also isolated power outages and tree damage may occur from the wind.

Anything Else: I hope you all stay safe. Stay tuned to updates from me. Also have an amazing day, do not let the rain in your way, adventure on and let today be your very best day.

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