Welcome: Good evening, this update is for the nor‘easter that will affect us. Also this will not be a snow making nor‘easter but rather a rain making one…

Timing: Right now through Wednesday morning. A heavier rain will soon fall, and rain will continue through Tuesday, finally diminishing by Wednesday late morning.

Precipitation Amounts: A widespread 1 to 2 inches of rain is expected, with some higher amounts of up to 3 inches possible on the eastern facing slopes of the Berkshires.

Wind: Sustained winds may reach 15 mph, with gusts going up to 35 mph, the winds will be strongest in the higher terrain.

Hazards: Some isolated river flooding, isolated land flooding and widely isolated flash flooding will be possible. Also widely isolated power outages and tree damage may occur from the wind.

Anything Else: This storm still has some potential to overachieve in rain amounts and wind speeds. Be safe. Have a great night.

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