Welcome: Good evening, this update is for the nor‘easter that is affecting us.

Timing: Right now through Wednesday late morning. You may notice the rain has become lighter, some moderately heavy bands may be possible later tonight. Most rain and wind should calm down by tomorrow late morning.

Precipitation Amounts: A widespread half an inch to 3 inches of rain is expected as the storm total. Additional rain amounts for the remainder of the storm may be up to another half inch. However that is on the higher end of possibilities.

Wind: Sustained winds may reach up to 20 mph, with a few isolated gusts up to 50 mph. The higher you live the more likely it is for you to see the strongest wind gusts.

Hazards: Some isolated river flooding, widely isolated land flooding, and a very isolated flash flood is all possible. Also isolated to widely scattered power outages and tree damage may occur from the wind.

Anything Else: This storm still has a little mystery to it. So we must monitor how this plays out. We should be drying out tomorrow and must see if another nor’easter affects us later this week into the weekend. Have a great night and stay safe. Remember never touch fallen power lines or go over flooded roads.

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