Welcome: Good morning, this update is for the nor‘easter that will affect us. Also this will not be a snow making nor‘easter but rather a rain making one. Right now it looks like the impacts I thought might happen here may not happen. Though there is still time for the storm track to move and we must be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Also thank you to all who commented on last night‘s post. I love it when people comment, I also like to know my audiences feedback. Now on with the show…

Timing: Right now through Wednesday morning. We will go in and out of moderate to locally heavy rain bands. These bands should slowly go away after the evening.

Precipitation Amounts: A widespread half an inch to 3 inches of rain is expected. Rain totals will go from northwest to southeast. So the highest rain will likely be in the southeastern Berkshires while the lightest rain should be in the northwestern Berkshires.

Wind: Sustained winds may reach 15 mph or slightly higher, with gusts going up to 40 mph, the winds will be strongest in the higher terrain compared to the lower terrain which should see much less wind.

Hazards: Some isolated river flooding, isolated land flooding and isolated flash flooding will be possible. Also isolated power outages and tree damage may occur from the wind.

Anything Else: This storm still has some potential to overachieve in rain amounts and wind speeds, though this potential may be decreasing it is still there. Be safe. Have a fantastic day, don‘t let the rain in your way, adventure on and feel how glorious it is today.

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