Tuesday/November/15/2022/PM Update

Welcome: Good evening. This is a special update for our incoming winter weather. The reason for this post is I feel there has been a significant change in the forecast which has caused this storm to become potentially more hazardous…

Timing: Initially precipitation should be snow tonight. In most areas later through the night a transition to sleet will occur. Tomorrow morning there will be freezing rain and rain.

Snow: Widespread snow is likely. I expect a coating to 4 inches of snow in total.

Sleet: Widespread sleet is likely. Sleet amounts are part of snow amounts.

Freezing Rain: Widespread freezing rain is likely. I expect up to 1 quarter (1/4 or 0.25) of an inch of freezing rain is possible.

Hazards Summary: Roads will be slippery, some roads will be dangerous. If the high end ice amount does occur power outages and tree damage will be possible.

Snow Day Calculator: 60% chance of a delay Wednesday morning.

End: Have a great night everyone. Be safe.

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