Welcome: Good afternoon. This forecast is for the potential storm that will impact us tomorrow night. I am currently very interested to see how Sunday night and Wednesday night play out. For each event there is a chance of warmer air getting into the region. So, we will have to see if either of them are all snow or not…

Alert: A Winter Storm Watch will be in effect, for Bennington County, from 4:00 PM tomorrow going until 1:00 PM Monday.

Timing: A mix of rain and snow will begin tomorrow afternoon and continue through Monday afternoon. If you live in higher elevations you will see more snow than rain.

Snow: Widespread snow is likely. Most should receive 2 to 4 inches of snow in total. However some in high elevations should reach 8 inches of snow.

Sleet: Not expected.

Freezing Rain: Not expected.

Rain: Widespread rain is likely. Rainfall should not exceed one inch.

Thunder: Not expected.

Peak Wind: 10 to 20 mph, with gusts to 30 mph. Coming from the Northwest.

Blowing/Drifting Snow: Not expected.

Snow Day Calculator: 44% of a delay on Monday.

Hazards Summary: Roads will likely be slippery Sunday night and Monday morning. There is still uncertainty with this storm, so snow amounts could change.

Anything Else: I hope you all stay safe. Please comment and like. Thank you. Have an amazing day. I hope all goes your way. So let today be your very best day. Cheers everyone!

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